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Dental Implants That Won’t Break the Bank

At Radiant Smiles, we can help you get back that winning grin. Our Perth clinic’s dental implant service is a great way to replace missing teeth and also provide a fixed solution to having removable, partial or complete dentures. Dental implants provide excellent support and stability for these dental appliances.

*This pricing is for a straightforward implant treatment. However, if you require extractions, bone placement or other specific treatment for your needs, you will be quoted accordingly.

As a practise owner, I understand Dental Implant treatment in Perth can be a lengthy and expensive process. I have therefore ensured that you get professional dental implant treatment at an affordable price.

Within my team of dentists, I have two highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons who have great experience in placing dental implants. I have selected the two dental surgeons after careful thought and not only do they come across as highly commendable, they are also gentle, honest and passionate about their work.

All our materials are locally sourced and meet the standards set by the Australian Dental Association thereby ensuring you have the best possible dental implant treatment and care. Our Implants are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Our crowns and dentures are made by a local lab in Perth whose primary aim is to ensure that our patients get highly competitive prices with excellent quality.

This can happen in many different ways. If you have private health insurance, we can always do a quote on our hicaps machine to see if your health-fund will cover a portion of the costs. We also offer finance through ZIP MONEY. Our staff are very well trained and highly efficient and will look after all your needs from the beginning to the end.

Our staff undergo training on a weekly basis so we can ensure you get the best possible after care and treatment. You can always be assured that we are only a phone call away.

Dental Implants in Perth: Placement and Procedure?

1 – Initial Consultation with our Surgeon.

2 – We will need you to get a Cone Beam X-ray (CBCT) done. This is a 3 D scan which will assist the Surgeon in planning for your implant treatment. We will give you a referral for this.

3 – The Surgeon will assess your CBCT and discuss the findings with you

4 – A treatment plan will then be formulated for you.

5 – We will then make an appointment for the commencement of stage 1 of the procedure which is Implant Placement. We may also carry out extraction at this stage, bone placement and any other procedures that have been planned for by the surgeon.

6 – Following stage 1 of the treatment, we will call you the following day to ensure you are feeling better and book you in for a short review if need be.

7 – Three to four months later or depending on your treatment plan, you will need to come in for the second stage surgery. We will call you to remind you.

8 – At the second stage surgery, the surgeon will check the stability of the implant. If the surgeon gives us the green signal then we will start the restorative or the third stage which will involve taking impressions and then the insertion of the final crown or the denture.

Please Note: The above flowchart is to be used as a general guide ONLY. Everyone has different needs and therefore each person’s treatment may vary according to the findings from the CBCT.