Single or Multiple Teeth Implants

Dental Implant Pricing Perth

*This pricing is for a straight-forward implant placement procedure. Pricing may vary if you need extractions, bone or any other surgical procedure depending on your individual case. Please call us to organise a free consultation so we can help you.

At Radiant Smiles, we offer “state of the art” dental work at extremely affordable prices. Our highly qualified implantologist has worked in the dental field for over 20 years and places over 1,000 implants a year. Our huge turn-over means that we are not only able to offer dental implants Perth but also guarantee a lifetime warranty on all implant bodies placed. Our nursing team and dentist work closely with you to give you the perfect result! We offer elite services including Bone Ossification, Bone Grafting, and Natural Bone Regeneration so that we can ensure the highest quality implants at the best prices.

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What can I expect from my treatment?
Our team of highly experienced dentists will together evaluate your case and create an individual treatment plan informing you of the treatments and costs involved. In some instances, we offer this solution as an alternative to dentures. We pride ourselves on offering affordable dental implants to Perth locals, ensuring that they feel confident and happy with their new smile.
The procedure generally occurs in two stages.

Phase 1:
Our dentist will carefully insert your dental implants before placing a protective cover over them. This normally takes approximately 45 minutes – 3 hours and is under local anaesthetic (conscious sedation is also offered). The dental implant then integrates with the bone of your jaw over a period of three to six months, as the bone grows around the screw and holds it firmly in place. Please note, a temporary denture may need to be worn during this phase.

Phase 2:
A crown is placed over the dental implant to replace the original natural tooth after the dental implant has mended to the bone.

Payment plans available from $25.00 per week

We offer the following payment plans:

Zip Pay and Zip Money
After Pay