About Us

Who is Sonia?

Dr Sonia Shah (PhD, Psychological Medicine) is a well-known Business
Entrepreneur, an Author, a Powerful International Motivational Speaker running
her company Succeed with Sonia, and a Philanthropist supporting many
orphanages. You can learn more at

In 2014 she started Radiant Smiles Dental Care Yokine followed by Radiant
Smiles Dental Care Yokine in 2015. In 2016 she set up Radiant Smiles Denture
Care with the focus being on Denture care. Sonia has also been running her
company Succeed with Sonia since 2017 and works globally motivating and
empowering people to reach their goals and dreams. In 2018, Sonia published
her book “The Confused Mind. The Golden key to lasting Happiness and
Success”. The book has been an instant success and has sold huge numbers of
copies globally.

Charity Work

Sonia spends her free time doing charity work. Being brought up in a
developing country, she realised that there are so many people out there who
need love, care, attention and understanding.
Sonia says whether it is through Radiant Smiles or through her company
Succeed with Sonia, her primary goal is to help as many people as she can.

She says its does not always have to be money or food or clothing. Just giving
someone some love or care or holding their hand and listening to their problems
can make a huge difference to their world.


Radiant Smiles Dental and Denture Care

At the inception of her Radian Smiles dental clinics, Sonia says she had this
feeling of excitement and a rush of adrenaline because finally she could set
genuinely affordable fees for patients seeking dental and denture care.

Whilst managing Radiant Smiles, Sonia realised that many people are fearful of
going to the dentists because of the huge costs associated with dental treatment.

Between 2015 and 2017, Sonia employed a group of dentists who committed
themselves to doing free dental consultations for patients who could not afford
dental treatment. During these two years, Radiant smiles did 657 free dental consultations.

Sonia says this time was special for her and the smiles, thank-you gifts and heart-felt appreciation from the patients gave her a great sense of
joy, pride and happiness.

Fairly Priced Dental Treatment

Sonia says that her dentists offer some of the lowest prices in Perth but still with
a high level of quality work with all the materials and lab work locally sourced.
Not only do you benefit with pricing when you choose Radiant Smiles but you
also get complete honesty and transparency from our dentists. Our dentists are
trained to give you all pricing upfront so there is no guesswork or surprise on
your part. For lengthy treatments such as Implant, Crown placements, Invisalign
treatment or Dentures, we give you a complete pricing form upfront before you
even start the treatment so you know from the outset how much you will be out
of pocket.

The RadiantSmiles Team

Radiant Smiles has a strong team of 12 Dentists, a
Prosthetist (for dentures), 5 receptionists and 7 nursing staff.

Sonia says her dentists want you to be confident knowing that they are a team of highly trained
and skilled clinicians. Her dentists and staff are current with the most recent
trends in dentistry as well as the most recent methods and materials available.

Radiant Smiles work as a strong family unit and over and over again the first
thing patients say when they come to the clinics is that they notice everyone has
big smiles on their faces and look happy.

Here are some of the memories that Sonia shares with you……………(Some
of the orphanages she and her wonderful husband visit and help)