Are Fruits Bad for Your Teeth?

Many people believe that fruit is harmful to your teeth. This is due to the high sugar content of these fruits, which is bad for your teeth. However, because of their calcium content, some fruits are beneficial to your teeth. In this blog, we’ll look at how fruit sugars affect your teeth and how you […]

How Poor Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

People rarely see the impact oral health has on our overall health, so it is frequently overlooked. Oral health can have significant effects on our overall health and happiness. The consequences of poor oral health, on the other hand, are not always obvious. Below are things that you should know about the health problems that […]

Dental Emergency – What To Do?

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our team from Emergency Dentist Perth now. Chipped or Broken Tooth in Perth, Dental Sports Injuries for an up to 11 pm dentist in Perth we have seen a number of urgent tooth problem that need immediate medical care. Ordinarily a dental centre is shut at […]

Dental Implants Cost: Perth, Bali, Thailand

Dental-Implant Dentist Cost
Where should I get my dental implants? Dental implants may be expensive for some Australians who may resort to going overseas for this treatment. Cheaper doesn’t always mean that you save money!! Read our in-depth dental implant comparison to find out more. There are a few disadvantages to going abroad for dental implants. Dental Implants [...]

How do dental implants work?

Implant treatment has continued to progress, with extensive research supporting its effectiveness since 1960. Dental implants are the most advanced procedure for replacing missing teeth and with our state of the art technology and training, our clinic is able to offer a lifetime warranty on all implants placed. At Radiant Smiles Dental Care, we understand [...]

EXTRACTION (from $151.00)

Dentist Yokine

In certain cases where a tooth may be too damaged or too loose to be saved, extraction may be required. Reasons for a tooth extraction Decay has reached deep into the tooth Infection has destroyed a large portion of the tooth or surrounding bone There is not enough room for all the teeth in your […]

DENTURES (full set from $1769.00)

Dental Care Yokine Nedlands
“We’ll beat any quality quote!” Full Set (upper and lower) Dentures from $1769.00 WE OFFER A COMPLIMENTARY DENTURE CONSULTATION. Worried about the cost of Dentures? We are affordable! Call us.. We offer Denture repair services on site We can also do tooth additions to your existing denture Having trouble with loose lower denture? Enquire about [...]

FILLINGS (from $143.00)

Dental fillings

There are a variety of different materials that can be used for filling teeth. The most common type of filling is dental amalgam, made from a mixture of different metals. Composite or white fillings are less obvious and more natural looking. The different types of fillings are listed below: Amalgam (silver coloured) Composite / White […]

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