Teeth Whitening Costs (Take home VS In-Chair)


Teeth whitening is becoming more main stream as each day goes by, with it now being one of the main cosmetic procedures people tend to opt for. After all a white smile can be aesthetically pleasing and can even make a person look younger due to the association of appearing aged from discolored teeth. When a treatment becomes this common there can be wide variations in pricing depending where you go, as well as other similar but different competitive products.

The main competitors to in-chair whitening come a lower cost, but this is for a reason. The cheapest option out there would be teeth whitening toothpastes as there are several of these on the market with each averaging at about $6- $10 per tube. Whilst they are effective to an extent they do only remove minor surface stains as they use abrasives or polishing agents.

Whitening strips which can be bought at the chemist are another popular option due to the low cost and simplicity. These strips usually contain professional bleaching agents at a low percent. To achieve noticeable results the patient is required to apply the tooth strips for a week or more. Even after maintaining the routine of applying these strips for a week the result may only be a shade or two lighter. The kits can range anywhere from $30 – $60 per week.

Then there are whole other variety of over the counter whitening gels which are similar to the strips but often not as simple to apply whilst producing the same result. Both of these options contain low doses of hydrogen peroxide just with different application systems. These kits will often come with some sort of mouth tray but as they are not molded to your teeth they can be hard to fit into your mouth if they fit at all! Another risk with the standardized whitening trays is that it is likely for the bleaching agent to also be applied to the gums as they are not fitted.

Professional custom take home kits are those which are supplied to you by your dentist. The common procedure is for the patient to come in and have molds taken for their personalized teeth whitening trays. These trays ensure that the bleaching agent is applied safely and will not be irritating surrounding gums, making them much safer when considering your oral health. These trays will set you back our clinic by $125 but once purchased they are yours to keep forever! Once you have your custom teeth whitening tray then you are all set to purchase the teeth whitening syringes from us at Radiant Smiles Dental Care which are $98 for a kit of 4 syringes. At our clinic we stock Opalescence 10% as our take home whitening system. This can be used for as little as 30 minutes per day or even overnight. As it is much stronger than the over the counter variations you can expect better results in less time.

Lastly the most expensive but also the most efficient teeth whitening system; the in-chair tooth whitening system. This treatment is 40% hydrogen peroxide, thus making it much stronger than even the take home kits supplied to you by your dentist. As it is safely applied to your teeth by your dentist we can whiten your teeth below the enamel level. This means better results with less time. You can walk out of our clinic after an hour-long appointment It is an hour-long appointment with 3-4 shades whiter teeth.

 Our dentists at Radiant Smiles recommend an application of a tooth desensitizing mousse to avoid and minimize any discomfort that can come from whitening your teeth. You can purchase this GC tooth mousse for $34 from our clinic. If you have any private health, we can claim for the product through our HICAPS machine, as well as for your teeth whitening. This tooth mousse is to be applied daily for a week before your appointment to build up your enamel. It is a simple process of applying it on your teeth after brushing your teeth at night then leaving it on overnight. This is not essential, but it is preferred.

At Radiant Smiles Dental Care we are offering Opalescence teeth whitening system at only $499 instead of the usual $600-$800 you will see in most practices.