Moving to Albany, WA

Located on the southern coast of Western Australia, Albany boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and absolute natural beauty. As Western Australia’s oldest European settlement, Albany offers a unique blend of heritage and modernity, making it an increasingly popular choice for relocation.

We’ve recently opened our new Radiant Smiles Dental Care clinic in Albany, WA, so we’ve put together a guide on moving to this scenic city. If you’re thinking about moving, have a look at our tips below. 

Radiant Smiles Dental Care provides Albany and surrounds with the following services:

  • General dentistry (e.g., cleaning, fillings, root canals, extraction) 
  • Emergency dentistry (e.g., severe dental pain, severe swelling, severe sensitivity, injured jawbone, relentless bleeding gums)
  • Cosmetic dentistry (e.g., bridges, crowns, Invisalign, orthodontic braces)
  • Dental implants (e.g., All-on-4, implant-retained dentures, single or multiple implants)
  • Dentures (e.g., complete dentures, partial dentures)

 Albany Suburb Overview

Home to just over 40,000 residents, with some areas holding a median age of 45 years old, while others clocked in at an average of 33 and 52 years old. Albany boasts great appeal for young adults, modern families, and retirees alike. From coastal retreats to bustling urban centres, each suburb has its own distinguishable charm, catering to a wide range of preferences. Albany’s diverse landscape spans over 4,000 km², divided into 61 unique suburbs, each offering its own attractions and amenities. 

Queen Park Rotunda, Albany, WA

If you’re moving to Albany, you might want to keep some of Albany’s most sought-after suburbs in mind: Middleton Beach, known for its pristine sands; Emu Point, a tranquil coastal suburb; and Yakamia, which offers a mix of residential and commercial facilities. These suburbs offer a mix of lifestyle options, scenic views, and proximity to essential services, making them popular choices for newcomers.

Albany Pros and Cons: What to Know Before Moving


  • Rich Albany History: Seeing the city’s famous landmarks is a must. Albany is a city rich in history, from its indigenous Noongar past to its pivotal role in World War I. 
  • Outdoor Activities in Albany: With its rugged coastline, natural wonders, pristine beaches, and national parks, Albany is a haven for nature enthusiasts. 
  • Culinary Scene: Australians in Albany love good food, which can be seen in their burgeoning food scene. From its local farmers’ markets, cafés, and restaurants, Albany offers a gastronomic journey for food lovers. 
  • Lower Cost of Living: Albany offers a relatively affordable lifestyle compared to major Australian cities. 
  • Mediterranean climate: Albany’s climate is a significant advantage for those considering moving there. With warm summers and mild winters, the climate offers comfortable living conditions year-round, ideal for Albany’s many outdoor activities.


  • Limited Public Transport in Albany: Compared to bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney, Albany lacks public transport options. Albany is well-connected by roads, interstate highways, and regional routes, however, and there are buses and trains linking Albany to neighbouring cities. But, for convenience, it’s highly likely that you’ll need your own mode of private transportation. 
  • Tourist Crowds: Albany’s popularity as a tourist destination can lead to crowds during peak seasons. 

Why Should You Consider Moving to Albany, WA?

Albany’s natural beauty is only one of the many reasons so many people want to relocate here from Australia’s more urban centres. The city offers a well-rounded lifestyle because of the harmonious integration of its historic roots and contemporary amenities. Albany is a great place to live if you’re into adventure, interested in history, or just want to relax on the coast.

The History of Albany, WA: A Quick Overview

Albany’s history is a rich mosaic of indigenous culture and European exploration. Initially settled in 1826, as the first European settlement in Western Australia (just three years ahead of Perth), Albany has witnessed significant historical events, from early exploration days to its role in World War I as a departure point for ANZAC troops. 

Albany Community: Get Involved

The vibrant community spirit in Albany is one of its most attractive features. Various events and local festivals provide plenty of opportunities for community involvement, making it easier to settle in after moving to Albany, WA.

Accommodation and Housing in Albany

The real estate landscape in Albany is diverse, offering various options, including modern flats and historic homes. While the city is experiencing growth, it’s advisable to engage with local real estate agents to find a property that suits your needs and budget.

Outdoor Activities and Attractions in Albany

Albany is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Popular attractions include the Albany Wind Farm, Torndirrup National Park, and the iconic Gap and Natural Bridge. The city’s coastline also offers opportunities for surfing, fishing, and whale watching (May to October).

Should You Move to Albany, WA?

Based on our experience, we’d have to go with a resounding “yes”. Relocating is a significant decision, and Albany offers a compelling case with its balanced lifestyle, rich history, stunning landscapes, and both physical and societal appeal.