Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Dental Implants in Perth?

Generally, most health insurance schemes in Perth do not cover dental implant treatments. There are, however, a few plans that may cover a portion of the cost. Each insurance plan is different, so some may cover portions of the costs, while others won’t.

You’re probably looking for alternative insurance and financing options for your treatment. You may be asking, does insurance cover the cost of dental implants in Perth?

Well, that’s exactly what we aim to answer in this article. Let’s jump into it!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that replace decaying, damaged, or infected natural teeth. The dental implant procedure involves placing titanium posts into the jawbone. Dental abutments and crowns are then inserted onto the titanium fixture.

Dental implants are a sought-after tooth replacement option in Perth, despite being quite costly.

How Does Dental Insurance Work in Perth?

In Perth, and Australia as a whole, you likely won’t find any “dental only” health insurance coverage. Dental coverage usually falls under a larger private health insurance plan. Dental surgeries and procedures are covered as extras in most private insurance plans.

Dental insurance in Perth will typically only cover preventative treatments that are directly related to your overall oral health. This could include treatments like fillings, X-rays, tooth extractions, and root canal treatments.

On the other hand, dental treatments like dental implants, veneers, and dentures fall under major dental cover. These types of treatments are normally accompanied by a waiting period (12 months or more) and are usually restricted by the private scheme’s annual limit.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Health Insurance in Perth?

As dental implants are considered a cosmetic treatment, most basic insurance plans will not cover dental implants. Basic plans are usually limited to covering only general dental treatments like teeth cleanings, routine check-ups, and fillings.

In extreme cases, when dental implants are considered a medical necessity, there is a chance that your private insurance plan will cover the costs. For example, if you lose all of your teeth in an accident, dental implants may be considered as a reconstructive surgery, instead of a cosmetic one, which your insurance plan might cover.

We’ve summarised the “extras plans” from four premier private healthcare insurance companies:

Insurer  Cover  Annual limit
HBF Top 70 Extras plan $1,000 – $1,500
Medibank Top Extras plan $1,100 – $1,200
AHM Super Extras plan $1,100
Bupa Top Extras Boost plan $1,100

Annual limits refer to the amount you’ll be able to claim back each calendar year. Since every dental insurance plan is different, you’ll need to read your policy documents carefully to understand exactly which dental services are covered and how much you will have to pay yourself.

Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants in Perth?

No, Medicare generally does not cover cosmetic dental treatments like dental implants.

Medicare covers some dental procedures under the Child’s Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS).

If you’re a concession card holder (Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, etc.) you may be eligible for state-based dental vouchers that you could put towards medically necessary dental implants.

You can read more in our article about Medicare’s coverage on dental procedures.

Cost of Dental Implants in Perth

The costs of dental implants at Radiant Smiles Dental Care, in Perth, are as follows:

Type of Dental Implant Cost (Starting from)
Single dental implant (restored) $3,999
Single dental implants (unrestored) $2,400
Single implants (crown and abutment) $2,500
All-on-4 dental implants $25,000 per arch
All-on-4 with an initial temporary bridge and final zirconium or titanium bridge $27,500 per arch

Note that pricing can vary depending on the medical condition and requirements of the patient, as well as the materials used.

Radiant Smiles Dental Care Can Give You the Perfect Smile

So, you now understand what dental implant surgery entails, how much it costs, and whether your procedure will covered by insurance in Perth.

Here at Radiant Smiles Dental Care, we understand the need for dental implants, and we believe that regardless of cost, you should get the smile you’ve always dreamt of.  Being able to reconstruct a smile and regain the ability to chew with ease is invaluable. These procedures are expensive, due to a multitude of reasons, including the materials used and the expertise of the practitioners. Radiant Smiles Dental Care offers flexible payment plans to help you get the dental treatments you need.  If you’re considering getting dental implants in Perth, contact us today.


1. What makes dental implants so expensive in Perth?

Dental implants are an expensive procedure for many different reasons:

  • Dental implants are only provided to prime candidates.
  • Dental implants are manufactured using materials like ceramics and titanium.
  • Dental implant installation involves a complex, multi-stage procedure.
  • Lots of training and expertise are needed to perform dental implant installation.

2. Do pensioners get free dental implants in Perth?

There is no such thing as free dental care in Australia because there is no universal dental cover plan in place. Pensioners do not get free dental implants in Perth, although a few publicly funded dental programmes may offer financial assistance to the elderly. Learn more with our article about dental implants for pensioners.

3. What is the best dental insurance plan in Perth?

Every dental insurance plan is different. You’ll need to compare different plans to find which one best suits your needs. Some of the major dental insurance providers include:

  • Bupa
  • HBF
  • Medibank
  • AHM
  • Frank Health Insurance
  • HIF